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FUQ: Copyright information

[Last update: 16 Jul 2003]

All entries posted under my name are copyright © 2001, 2002, 2003 C. K. Young. All rights reserved.

It is my policy not to post other people's poems, songs, quizzes, &c, except for the rare quotation, which always comes with an attribution to the author. Therefore, except for such quotations, the following terms apply.

Poems and essays with public accessibility can be copied and distributed under the same terms as my website's personal writing sections. Essentially, you are allowed to distribute the work verbatim, under identical terms, provided you preserve the copyright notice.

Other entries may not be copied at all. If an entry contains a poem as well as other content, you can copy only the sections pertaining to the poem. These rules are a bit restrictive, I agree, but I want my journal to be a place where I am safe to sometimes discuss personal things. More than anything, I reserve the right to withdraw any material from my journal that becomes controversial.

The journal style files now come with their own copyright and permission notices; see the actual files for details. The cascading style sheet used by the journal style is public domain.

If there are any points you would like me to clarify, please do not hesitate to comment here, or ask via email.


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