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Just to spite Daniel, of course!

[Last updated: 3 July 2002]

  1. People on your friends list: 36 (not counting self or communities)
  2. Who you've met in person: 32
  3. Who you'd recognise: 20
  4. Whose house you've been to: 10 (unique addresses—that means if several people live at the same address, that counts as one)
  5. Who've been to your house: 9 (only counting people who've been to my old place)
  6. Whose full name you know off hand: 29 (first and last names), 12 (all names)
  7. Who you've known more than 3 years: 4
  8. Who you've lived with: 0
  9. Who you've tramped with: 1
  10. Who are exes: 0
  11. Who have seen you cry: about 4 (mostly people who saw AI with me)
  12. Who you have seen cry: 2
  13. Who you've ‘done’: 0
  14. Who you would ‘do’: 2 or 3
  15. Who knows who all the people you have done: 0
  16. Who live outside your country: 7
  17. Who you have a secret crush on: 0 (major ones), 3 or 4 (minor ones)

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