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I'll stand by you

On my recent trip to Wellington (which I do plan to write about, yes), I purchased The Pretenders' Greatest Hits CD. One of my favourite songs is, of course, I'll stand by you. There was one bit in that song I definitely identified with:

Let me come along
'cuz even if you're wrong
I'll stand by you

I think that's how I feel about my close friends (this isn't just about Glenn, though I'm sure some of you may be tempted to think that way). Sometimes they mess up, and part of being a friend is being there for them, not leaving them out to dry.

Obviously I can't cite OCD as a justification for my actions, so I'll cite loyalty instead. Maybe I am being too protective, who knows. If you feel that I am being too protective of you, please do speak up! I'm just a text message away if you want to meet up for a chat….

Nothing you confess
Can make me love you less

(Yes! Can't you see that I love that song? :-))


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