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Quick update

In reverse-chronological order:

  1. Santa cluster was down yesterday, so I didn't get to update. Today I caught up on a lot of entries that I missed out on reading while Santa cluster was down, and discovered that I missed much more entries than I initially expected.
  2. Yesterday saw me frantically patching up my two OpenBSD boxes at home (, which hosts my website; as well as my personal machine). Apart from the well-known Apache chunked encoding vulnerability, there is also a yet-unpublished vulnerability on OpenSSH 3.3 and below. If you run any Unix box at all, I advise you to upgrade to OpenSSH 3.3 (because 3.4 won't be out until next Monday) and enable privilege separation! This will keep your machine from getting rooted remotely.
  3. Friday's party was good, got to say hi to Emily again, as well as Glenn's friends from the young witches group (namely Jessamy, Saphron, and Amber), though pity that Niamha and Natalie (Glenn's flatmates) didn't make it. But (saving the best till last), Kenneth showed up! Though he had to go early, I can't wait to meet up again (on my birthday, no doubt). I will write up on this further.
  4. Saw Vicki and Melanie off on Tuesday (8 days ago). It was both sad and happy; sad to miss them, happy that they're going to have a blast! Glenn and I decided to go heroic at the airport, which was cool, and hopefully reduced Vicki's blood pressure that day.
  5. Then there was the Wellington trip, which I must write about before I forget essential details.

If I missed something out that you wished to read up on, then speak now or forever hold your peace (or piece :-)).


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