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Back to Auckland, part the second

Weekdays are all the boring same old same old (just work and endless catching up on LiveJournal), so let's not go there.

Friday night, I went to Wilson's place and watched a few episodes of Serial Experiments Lain, an anime about a character called Lain who bridges the online and offline worlds, that questions what makes reality. Quite entertaining, one that I will view again.

Saturday morning was spent finishing all the other episodes of Lain. As expected, I received a text message from Pip asking what I'd be up to in the evening, and being the unsocial nobody that I am, I have no events as usual. So I popped around to her place and had interesting (to me at least, speaking for myself) conversations until 1am.

Today, I got a text message from nightvixen saying that she's in Auckland today with her partner, effcee. Well, it was interesting to be able meet them in the flesh, finally! While the conversation was quite light, it was good to know NightVixen's real-life personality (and interestingly enough, it's quite different from her online self).

And now, I must be off, but I do look forward to writing about the last weekend's Wellington trip. I said this about all my other trips, but this time I actually wrote stuff down on my Palm Pilot when I was over there, so there is little danger of me forgetting too much…. *knocks on wood*


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