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Saint Seiya mania

I've spent the last few hours ordering the whole (presumably original) Saint Seiya comic series (the one with 28 books) via Babel Fish definitely helps!

Also, I ordered the Saint Seiya Encyclopaedia. Apparently it's a great source of Saint Seiya information.

Sadly, it seems that shipping is going to cost more than the books themselves. It's going to cost about $14 per book in the series, when shipping is taken into account.

Now, I sincerely hope that there's an offline Babel Fish, because I think I'm going to have some trouble reading Japanese. :-)

(An aside: the order form asked for one's name in kanji. Now, I don't have a Japanese name, so I filled in my Chinese name: 楊啓文. Fortunately, these characters are actually representable as Japanese kanji.)

By the way, if you're interested in Saint Seiya, I'd throughly recommend you join the saintseiya community, run by my net.friend sweetprince.


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