Chris, the Young One (hedgee) wrote,
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departure (Chris writes a trite love poem)

darling, i still love you too much
though i've never told you, as such
that's why i must push you away
hoping you'd see reason, someday
darling, i can't love you enough
much as i wish it weren't so tough
that's why we must remain apart
i can't afford to taint your heart
darling, you know i love you so
it slays my soul to make you go
that's why i need your total trust
to keep you from my dark side's lust
darling, please let my love shine on
know that it will never be gone
that's why we'll be forever true
because my heart is made for you

Sarah thinks that it's ‘dripping with sop’. I am not the best writer, but at least I've let my feelings out, that being the point of the whole exercise!


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