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Not to feel left out

Seeing as everyone and their dog seems to have seen Goldmember on Thursday, I thought I might join in the fun. So, let's start with Thursday's events then.

After work, I met up with my long-lost friend Fraser (from back in the days when we lived in the stats grad room), and saw Goldmember (which I won't comment on, since everyone and their dog has already done so). Still, it was good to see more Austin Powers with Fraser again (since I also saw the last Austin Powers with him).

And, it seems that Fraser has finally defected to cellphone culture! The last time we met up, he ridiculed me very badly for going back on my word by carrying a cell phone. (I used to be a highly outspoken crusader against the use of cell phones. I may have switched sides, but it's evident that some of my friends still carry the torch!)

Everyone and their dog seemed to have their own brand of fun on Friday, and again, I didn't miss out on that. Pretty Important Person™ texted me sometime in the evening, and we met up to update each about the other's joys (read woes). And this being a public entry, I shall say no more, except that I sometimes feel somewhat guilty about leaning on someone too much….

And an hour ago, I had a short chat with Vicki, and updated each other on our respective flat situations, among other things. Sounds like she's doing really well in London, and this is giving me a mild case of itchy feet. :-)

Looking forward to LiveJournal Meetup tomorrow! Woohoo!


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