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News of the day

There has been a massive fire this morning, starting at about 2 am, at 9 Omana Avenue. They had to call in the Hazardous Materials team to sort out the fire, so I presume it was some sort of chemical fire.

Two guys who (presumably) live there tried to get back in the house; one of the guys said that his girlfriend Tori was in there (presumably went back in to get her handbag; I wonder how believable that is). The police were, of course, not keen to let anyone back inside. Eventually a woman came out with a baby, and she was seen to be hugging one of the guys. I didn't think that was Tori, however, because it was the other guy who was wanting to look for Tori.

A TV reporter was there as well, presumably from TV3. I will be watching the news to see if it gets mentioned. (I normally avoid TV like the plague, but I will make an exception this time.)

At the time of writing, 5.10, the fire trucks are still around. Definitely a difficult fire to put out. I bet there won't be much left of the house; what a pity.


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