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Obligatory uninformative update, plus new posting policy

This weekend has been remarkably free of socialising (is there a noun form for that word?). Just as well, though, since I'd been rather tired and unwell myself—there hadn't been a single night in the last week in which I got eight hours of sleep, not even in the weekend.

And I've been remarkably slack about responding to email and LJ comments. If you wrote something to me in the last week, and you haven't received a response, You Are Not Alone™.

And this coming week, I am expecting to do a lot of overtime at work, so it'll be more of the same. I hope there's something worthwhile to look forward to at the end of the week.

However, I did notice that Saturday was exactly one year from the day I met Glenn. Obviously this means a lot to me (shucks, I hope it's not what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder!). And I'm still sitting on my arse, waiting for someone to rescue me. How sad!

Lately, I've been pretty disappointed by the quality of my LJ postings, especially the public ones. Many people tell me that people can use LJ to post whatever crap happens to come out of their arses, and frankly it doesn't surprise me, when I'm finding that I'm skipping half the entries I read in my friends list.

I keep telling myself that I can do much better than that—I have some friends who are excellent writers, and I want to try to follow them. Well, it's time to put money where the mouth is, so to speak.

So, here's the deal:

  • From now on, all my public postings will actually be interesting to Tom, Dick, and Harry. Specifically, I will not unload personal crap onto my readers.
  • Poetry will be restricted to ones I write for friends on LiveJournal, since I don't expect them to track my uJournal. Everything else will be posted on uJournal instead.
  • Protected entries may contain vaguely personal stuff, but they are still expected to be interesting to people who don't know me too well. People who know me well enough already know where to find really personal material.

Because I'm not normally a good writer, you can expect to see far fewer postings from me—perhaps when I have interesting things to say.

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