January 3rd, 2002


It's pretty outside

Oh, how I love to stare at a (nearly) full moon in an open clear sky.

Anyway, the last two days have been pretty good. Daniel had a party on New Year's Eve, which an old friend of mine, Claire, turned up to. We caught up on each other's life events since we last met (which would have been a couple of years ago); she's now doing a PhD in Melbourne (yay for Melbourne! I will so be saying hi to her when I next visit).

My new year resolution is to help lonely souls become, well, less lonely. (Just for the record, I'm single, but I'm not lonely. :-) So I'm doing this strictly for other people.)

We spent the countdown in Aotea Square, not exactly a bad place to be in. Finding a place to have drinks afterwards turned out to be unsuccessful; some of us had trouble getting into certain places due to attire, and others had ridiculous cover charges (Loserfield, $20). So we ended up going back to Daniel's place, where we stayed until 04.00 or thereabouts.

It's worth mentioning that we bumped into a lot of familiar faces that night. Glenn was alleged to have said that it was all very ‘incestuous’.

New Year Day was cool; afternoon was spent at Takapuna Beach with Glenn, Daniel, Melanie, Heloise, and James. (Did I forget anyone? Thought not.) Vicki would have loved to come, apparently, but we forgot to tell her.

It was at this point that Daniel decided that, with the increase in the number of acquaintances, it'd start to suck to have to call people Dave B1 and Dave B2, for example. So I suggested that people refer to me as cky, so that there'd be one less Chris to worry about. Daniel took this to the extreme, and decided to call everyone by initials.

Then it was onward to North Head, where most of the crew went three years ago on New Year's. The picture taken this time will make a good comparison to the one from then. The tunnels there were dark and spooky, excellent for playing real-life Doom in.

Nothing much really happened during the day on 2 January, so I decided to perform the annual ritual of generating a new keypair; if you wish to send me encrypted email, feel free to download my new public key. (This procedure was historically done on New Year's Eve, but these days people actually wanted me to have a life on that night.)

Night came, and at 22.45 we (Jon (sp?), Daniel, Melanie, Vicki, Heloise, James, Visnja, Dave Bartlett, Dave Berresford, Glenn) met up on Queen St and decided to have a drink or two before heading for Retro at St James. It was hard to find any places that were open, but Crow Bar was, and some of us tried varying new cocktails.

It turned out that St James was shut. So we were thinking of places to go where we could play pool; we eventually went to Embargo. Melanie, Heloise, and James didn't like the place too much, and headed off. The two Daves, Jon, and Visnja got to play a few games of pool, and they seemed quite good at it.

We then went to K Rd to see if anything was open. Most of us went there by vehicle, but Visnja and the two Daves walked. We had a bet on who had better chances (this is an inside joke). It turned out that nothing worthwhile was open, and so we decided to split.

Clearly, I write the most boring journal entries. Best I stick to poetry, methinks.

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