March 24th, 2002


What to do during the long weekend

Currently, I have 60542 unread email messages sitting in my mailboxes. That works out to around 12000 messages to wade through, per day. Assuming all I do is read email and sleep (for 8 hours), that would require consistently going through 750 messages per hour, or 12.5 messages a minute, or 4.8 seconds reading time per message. I don't think that's achievable.

So let's forget that. Maybe I should head out of Auckland. But the question is, where to? I'd love nothing more than to drive down to Christchurch, but the travelling time would take up the bulk of the five days, leaving very little of Christchurch to enjoy. So maybe that's not so cool.

Or, I can sift through my book collection. I've purchased so many books that I never get around to reading, that I'd probably qualify as a bibliophile.

Perhaps some people may be having parties that weekend, or going out to town.

Maybe I'll finally find enough time to write poems.

Or I could sleep.

Hmm, choices.

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