June 3rd, 2002


FUQ: Friends list policy (revisited)

[Last update: 21 Jun 2005]

Rather than posting a long article in my user info about whom I will add to my friends list and all that, I've decided to post a long article here instead. :-) I'm splitting it up into an easy-to-read FAQ-style format. Feel free to comment here if there's something you wish to know that I haven't covered yet.

  • Joining my friends list
    Why should I be on your friends list?
    Being on my friends list means that you'll get to comment in my journal without being screened, and that I'll be somewhat more likely to read your journal.
    Okay, sounds good! How do I get in?
    The easiest way is to just comment in my journal. If I find your comments interesting, or if you know me (or someone I know) in real life, then I'll add you.
    That seems too easy! Is there more to it than that?
    Nope. I deliberately make it easy for people to join my friends list, because I don't want it to become a popularity contest. However, being on my friends list does not in itself bestow much benefits beyond what I mentioned above.
  • Protected entries
    But you said nothing about protected posts! What's with that?
    If you add me to your friends list, you'll get to read about half of the protected posts I make.
    That sounds really petty! How do you justify such a policy?
    Well, put it this way: if you don't at least list me as a friend, it's a given that I'll never get to read any further than your public entries. I'm only trying to be fair, really.
    And what about the other half?
    I'm sure you'll figure out how to get there soon enough. :-) (See also: friend group listing.)
  • Leaving my friends list
    I don't want to know you anymore, and have even taken you off my friends list. Why won't you just do the same?
    I don't want to turn my friends list into a political game. Therefore, the only person who can decide to leave my friends list is you. Please send me a comment requesting this.
    Does that mean that you'll never kick me off your friends list?
    If you write abusive comments in my journal, or leak my protected entries, you'll not only leave my friends list; I'll also ban you for your troubles. There may be other reasons for me to remove you from my friends list, but I'll do my best to justify my actions in every case.
    So why does the size of your friends list go down from time to time?
    I may take communities and syndications off my friends list at my discretion. After all, they don't really have a way of asking me to remove them. :-)
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