July 30th, 2002


Quick update

Like usual, I have nothing much to write about on LiveJournal.

Tuesday, Auckland LiveJournal Meetup turned out to be a failure, as Atlas closes at 6pm. Let it be said that I actually didn't pick that location! Daniel wants next month's one to be at Brazil, since it's going to be a couple of minutes' walk from our flat.

Friday night, at the birthday party of Chelsea/Matthew/me. Most of the time was spent chatting to Claire, who I haven't seen since new years. Lots of tramping club people were there too; of them, I recognised Big Dave, and social officer Mel. (Reminds me of the days when Claire nominated me as a candidate for that position!)

Made a nasty joke at Little Dave's expense. Bad luck to him for being near by when I felt like throwing away the candle I was holding in my hand! (For those who've missed it, I basically threw the candle at Dave and said ‘Here, have a rocket for your pocket. At least it'll be an upgrade!’)

Had an interesting chat with Pip in the freezing cold. I think I revealed certain things about a certain previous crush that I think may not have been wise to mention, when Pip asked whether I've ever had a crush on a woman.

Saturday, had an interesting evening with Glenn and Faith. (Since when are evenings with Glenn and Faith not interesting?) Glenn reckons that what I really need is to get laid.

I nearly convinced some of Glenn's flatmates to play 500 with me, not having played it for 10 months now. (The last game was with Jessamy at Glenn's last flat-warming, it was really good because I won a misere, and if I got a chance to call open misere, I'd still have won. Yep.)

[Now, I really wish Faith would come online sometime. There are certain nits regarding the upcoming Wellington trip that need to be sorted out….]

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