August 13th, 2002



I'd like to publicly thank the following people for lending me an ‘ear’ on IM these last two days, over the weekend's events. Listed in chronological order:

I now owe each of you a lunch (or dinner, if that suits your schedule better). In rancidmole's case, I'll do that when I next visit.

Before I close this topic for good, here's a little poem that sums up my view on why this was even an issue in the first place.

today, i see me
a clear reflection of you
you, my greatest friend
tomorrow, i see
i moved on while you stood still
you, my greatest foe

Okay, so it's a little blunt, and it's not much of a poem. But it tries to portray how my present self deals with my past self: the former will always strongly loathe the latter.

I've always sought perfection, since I was very young. I'll never get there, but I'll be damned if I don't at least try, if I don't at least get as close to it as I possibly can!

Because of that, and because this is my journal and I'll be as blunt and judgemental as I like, I'll mention that I have no respect for those who insist on living in the past. Time does not move backward, and those who cannot believe in the future will never see improvement.

Those who know that I'm an INFP will not see my perfectionism as surprising at all.

Reading that page has taught me one other thing: two INFPs usually make great friends—until they realise that their principles are incompatible! Since neither will ever bend to the values of the other, once such a realisation has been reached, there will likely be no chance of recovery.

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