August 31st, 2002


Saint Seiya mania

I've spent the last few hours ordering the whole (presumably original) Saint Seiya comic series (the one with 28 books) via Babel Fish definitely helps!

Also, I ordered the Saint Seiya Encyclopaedia. Apparently it's a great source of Saint Seiya information.

Sadly, it seems that shipping is going to cost more than the books themselves. It's going to cost about $14 per book in the series, when shipping is taken into account.

Now, I sincerely hope that there's an offline Babel Fish, because I think I'm going to have some trouble reading Japanese. :-)

(An aside: the order form asked for one's name in kanji. Now, I don't have a Japanese name, so I filled in my Chinese name: 楊啓文. Fortunately, these characters are actually representable as Japanese kanji.)

By the way, if you're interested in Saint Seiya, I'd throughly recommend you join the saintseiya community, run by my net.friend sweetprince.

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