September 9th, 2002


Okay, quiz time!

I still haven't got around to writing my quiz script yet, so I'll post this on LiveJournal. This one is really one of those ‘how well do you know me’ quizzes; this time, I've avoided all geek-related questions, so that everyone can have a fair chance of answering.

You can answer the poll if you're a LJ user; if not, you can email me the answers, with a subject line containing the word quiz if I've never received email from you before (just so I don't delete your message).

In both cases, I will be marking your answers manually, so it may take up to a day for your name to appear in the scoring table. In a week, when I close the quiz, I will post the correct answers, so you can check the consistency of my marking.

Good luck!

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