September 20th, 2002


Auckland LiveJournal Meetup

Met someone over in LiveJournal, who lives in Auckland, that you're dying to meet? Well this is your chance!

Next Tuesday evening, at 8 pm, a LiveJournal Meetup will be held at Starbucks, at 21 Queen St. My friends nightvixen and effcee will be there, and I see that dr_sponge has confirmed attendance as well! Thanks people!

Since I signed up as a ‘host’, I guess I should give people an easy way to identify me, if they've never met me before (e.g., if someone links to this article, or views this through friends' friends). I'm not trying to be totally conceited, but my most unique item is my black tshirt that reads Waikato University programming competition winner. So I will wear that.

nightvixen and effcee will presumably be in biking gear, so you should spot them easily as well. I've met both of them in real life, so you'll probably see us chatting already. :-)

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