November 6th, 2002


Public acknowledgement, and Bic Runga concert

Firstly, I'd like to thank Bradley for proofreading my last journal entry, especially regarding the usage of window sill versus windowsill (I settled for window-sill in the end). Now that I know that you read my journal, however, when are you getting your journal? (Gosh, I must sound like a parent trying to convince non-parents to hurry up and get kids or something. *rolls eyes*)

Not only will you get to humiliate me endlessly about my writing, you'll also get some perks for your trouble. :-)

In other news, I saw a poster today that advertised a Bic Runga tour; there will be a show in Auckland on 21 December. According to the poster, Goldenhorse will be there too! So who's interested? I'm getting tickets tomorrow (or whenever I remember to).

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