November 12th, 2002


Okay, here's an update

Suzy Dave asked why people weren't updating. Okay, so I will. I had a really annoying headache last night, and was still sniffing a bit when I got up, so I decided not to infect my workmates today. I am thus spending the day at home picking on Suzy Dave on LJ.

Seriously, on that last point, I feel that there is something I need to mention, that some people (especially those who read into my views somewhat literally) might find helpful. I am sometimes seen to be confrontational, too ready to knock down what people say, and I want to mention why I believe I am that way.

Most people who know me well will know that I will play the devil's advocate whenever I can. I sometimes argue against things that I am in favour of, just because someone has mentioned it. Largely, this comes down to my belief that I learn and grow by seeing other points of view, especially those that I've rejected in the past.

Now, some (I'd even say many) people do not like having their beliefs trampled on that way, and I try to remember that. But if what I say comes off as critical, please do understand that it's not personal, and is merely a by-product of how I deal with myself and my own beliefs.

If something that I say does offend you, let me know, and I will do my best to make sure that it won't recur.

This is sounding awfully self-centred for a public post, so I am stopping right here.

[2002-11-15] Thanks again to Bradley for catching a significant grammatical error in my original version. Time to incorporate a grammar checker in my LiveJournal client, methinks. :-)

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