January 27th, 2003


Yay for Suepoo and Mark!

Just came back from the Bryan Adams concert. Prior to its start, a plane was flying overhead with a banner reading ‘SUEPOO WILL YOU MARRY ME? MARK XX’ (if I remember correctly), and so Carly Binding (the support act) dedicated a couple of songs to Suepoo and Mark. :-)

The Bryan Adams portion of the concert was very energetic, but that's to be expected of Bryan and Keith (I have seen various concert videos of the band, as well as the last concert here six years ago, and Bryan and Keith had always been very entertaining on stage).

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I particularly liked the performance of When You're Gone, because it was a duet with Tamsin (sp?) from Tauranga. Apparently she is a competition singer, and she was very confident and enthusiastic on stage, and had a decent voice. :-)

Can't wait till the next BA concert!

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