November 23rd, 2003


Mostly back to normal, I hope

Some weeks after the power surge that killed the power supply on my mail server as well as the graphics card on my personal desktop machine, I've got around to fixing things again. The new graphics card I bought is working fine for the moment, and I hope it stays that way.

While I was purchasing hardware, I finally got around to getting a wireless access point, so finally I can go on the 'net wherever I like in the house. Right now, I'm sitting in the lounge, typing this journal entry on my laptop. :-)

More seriously though, I'd be keen to hear from people who've set up wireless networks, on what sorts of pitfalls (especially security ones) I need to worry about. For the moment, I've got MAC address filtering set up, so that (in theory) only machines I know about can use the network. I've also got WEP set up; I've read that WEP's security is a joke, but I suppose it's no worse than nothing.

After typing this (and enjoying a cup of liquorice tea, of course), I'll get around to replacing the power supply on my mail server, and hopefully after that I'll have working email again. After three whole weeks. :-)

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