March 16th, 2004


Anything for an excuse

Teacher training going well. Lots of work, and here I am wondering WTF I'm doing typing this at 3.30 am, when I could be doing readings, or sleeping, instead.

Finally caught up with two weeks of outstanding friends list entries. In these last two weeks, I missed out on (in no particular order, and not intended to be a complete list):

  • Chelsea's DVD night
  • Kyla's going away (miss you, must say hi to you next time I head southward)
  • JHRIV's reappearance on LiveJournal
  • Shannon's flatwarming (though I had something else on that evening, and would never have made it whichever way I cut it)
  • Special K's being on the wrong end of, um, relationship issues (this is a public entry, so my lips are sealed)
  • Dan versus Shannon, rounds 1–3
  • Starla's work-related issues (this is a public entry, so my lips are sealed)

But mostly, I noted all the changes that Kristin's been going through lately. Though I've been away from LJ most of this time, I hope you'll catch an upward spiral soon, if you're not there already! Hang in there, and I'll try to peek in once in a while.

And now for some meme-ish bollocks.

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