July 22nd, 2004


When emergencies arise

Spent the whole evening (read: early morning) compiling up backported packages for PHP 4.3.8 after I received a certain advisory regarding earlier versions.

Because of the way the PHP package was Debianised, Apache 1.3.31 is required, which in turn (again because of packaging details) requires Perl 5.8.4. Lots of upgrading all around. Netcraft must be pleased. :-P

But I think it's all worth it, though. PHP 4.2.3 was really buggy, and I am quite glad to be rid of it. (4.2.3 was also the latest Debianised version for a long time, and I remember asking on IRC when that situation would change.)

Glad to have upgraded Perl too (and it's good that recent Debianisations of this package are so much easier to backport), though it meant I had to recompile or uninstall all the XS (native interface) packages I had, probably because of incompatible ABI. Oh well.

Squirrelmail still works. Noticed that there's a new Debian package for it, which reverted to the upstream stable branch. Good stuff; I was never very comfortable with using unstable code on a production server.

Apache 1.3.31 supports running in the foreground. Bonus! DJB fans rejoice! (However, the Apache ChangeLog mentions that this has been around since 1.3.25. The last version of Apache I ran was 1.3.26, so why didn't I know about this before? Hmm.)

P.S., if something doesn't work on my web server, do feel free to let me know. Thanks in advance! :-)

[2004-07-22] P.P.S. backports.org is my hero! I can't imagine how much more backporting work I'd have to do if they didn't exist.

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