July 23rd, 2004


More free lunch

After the astonishing success :-) of my last quiz, I thought I'd post another one. Same prizes.

What is DJB's middle name?

Cite the source of your information. (My model answer will, to show that I know the answer beforehand, and am not using my readers as a free FAQ index.) The first answer with an acceptably-authoritative source wins.

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FUQ: Disclosure and confidentiality policy

[Last update: 23 July 2004]

After the recent fight (between a couple of people on my friends list) over who can read whose journals and all that good stuff, I thought it best to clarify my own disclosure policy.

  • If you make a protected post, I will treat the information as confidential, as discussed below, unless you permit otherwise.
  • If you comment on one of my protected posts, I will consider myself free to pass on the information to anyone else who is allowed to read that post, even if they don't regularly read LiveJournal. Feel free to ask me whether a certain person can read a certain post, if it worries you.
  • Personal correspondence—email, face-to-face/IM/IRC conversations, &c—is treated as confidential only if you request so. Again, see below for what that means.

So, what does it mean when I say I treat a piece of information as confidential? Generally, it means the information won't be disclosed to the general public, nor to anyone who has any interest in the subject matter.

However, there are exceptions to the above, and if you wish to tell me anything confidential, it's important to be aware of them:

  • I reserve the right to tell anything to cloudgirl, my best friend, especially if the information is relevant to her. I will, however, note to her that the information is confidential, so it goes no further.

    If you don't want her to hear it, you need to request this in advance; note also that unless you have an exceptionally good reason, I'm unlikely to grant the request. And even if I do, under no event will I agree to withhold the fact that such a request was made and granted.

    Unless you know both Vicki and me very well, this is probably not going to worry you too much. :-) (Note that she is listed in every privacy filter on my journal, so if you comment on my protected posts, she'll be able to see the comment no matter what.)

  • If you make (or pass on) an accusation regarding one of my close friends, I reserve the right to hear their side of the story on the matter. That means I reserve the right to pass on the accusation to the friend concerned, as well as information on its source. Feel free to ask in advance whether a person is a close friend, if this worries you.

    Regardless, you may specifically ask me in advance to withhold the information from the friend concerned, and again I may refuse the request. But even if I agree, the previous point means that I may still pass the information on to Vicki, unless agreed otherwise.

These exceptions exist because I trust my close friends a lot, and I see withholding information from them as a breach of said trust. I do believe that rules are made to be broken, so with good reason I'm willing to, but I wrote the above so you're aware of the conditions under which I will (and will not) do so.

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