August 15th, 2004


Woosh and transparent proxies

It seems that Woosh now has a transparent proxy (Via: 1.1 cache02 (NetCache NetApp/5.5R5)). Hmm. Chris no like transparent proxies. If I can be bothered, I might start setting up a Squid cache on Spillville and tunnel through that. (I don't object to web caching; I just object to using web caches that I don't control.)

Added bonus: web traffic fully compressed, even if the web site doesn't support compression. If the data transfer rate between my home network and Spillville is good, this would make web browsing even faster.

Curious though: how does their transparent proxy masquerade the HTTP requests to have the client's IP address (rather than the proxy's)? My web server logs contain the IP address of my Woosh connection, and I can even connect back to the FTP port there and access my FTP server, so it doesn't seem like a NAT arrangement where the proxy is on the same public IP address as my connection.

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