March 28th, 2005


Oh, that article

Some people were asking about that article in Sunday Magazine. Well, I must say, I haven't read it yet; the shops I usually frequent were shut yesterday (Easter Sunday and all), and silly me forgot to think about checking out dairies, service stations, &c. Most of those places have already returned the copies they had, so no luck.

My journalist is very helpfully sending me a couple of copies. I look forward to reading them. And maybe I'll write something more here, once I do. :-)

Geez, I haven't updated in three months, have I? I must admit, I'm not much for self-disclosing; I mean, a lot has happened, but I wonder how much of it is both interesting and public enough to talk about.

I'm currently working in a computery, non-teaching role; I've been working there for the last couple of months. It's not too bad, though I must remember not to burn myself out, nor lose sight of my own career aspirations. (I do plan to stay there at least till the end of the year though, if all goes well.)

I'm also saving up for a trip to North America, hopefully for November this year. I'm not going to jinx myself by saying anything more about it, though.

My personal life is something of a non-event, probably because in the last couple of weeks, someone very important to me somehow…disappeared? I mean to write and ask, but at a complete loss as to what to say. (There is exactly one person on my LJ friends list who knows what I'm on about. Everyone else can feel free to stay in the dark. :-P)

Still, I'm glad that Vicki did manage to drag me out of my geek cave of unsociability a few times during that period. That was all good. :-)

For those of you who know Bradley, I also attended his post-wedding thingy that his sister very helpfully organised. It was good to see some long-lost faces again.

There is also someone (different) who I see on various infrequent occasions. And that is all I will say, so that I don't jinx myself any more than I need to.

That aside, that is almost the whole sum extent of my life in the last three months. Except for one little last thing.

I still miss Nic very very much, and it seems I've missed her for a whole lifetime and some more, so I hope to fix that, at least temporarily, come November. I don't know if she reads this (or my email for that matter), but I hope she's doing well, meanwhile. It may be quite a while before I write here again….

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