July 28th, 2005


Mystery meme

Dear friends,

  1. If fate handed us different circumstances, I'd propose to you already…if, in those circumstances, you hadn't proposed first.
  2. You are everything your namesake promised, and quite a lot more…if you were your namesake, I'd propose to you too!
  3. I'm very well surprised by how much you've grown in all the years I've known you.
  4. May we have lots more deep and meaningful conversations, whether in this life or some future one.
  5. I wish we'd be more compatible with each other.
  6. I'm still too scared of you. (Shit, this applies to at least three people I know. Go Chris!)
  7. I wish you'd respect my space a lot more than you seem to do. I'm too polite to block you, but god knows how often I've been tempted to.
  8. Thanks for rescuing a good friend of mine; I owe you much.
  9. Life has changed so much for you, but please never forget who you are!
  10. I love you so much, and yet so little…I wish I didn't have to hold back so much.

Snarfed from yesmum. This will be interesting: I have 75 real people on my LJ friends list (including deleted users), so it's 1 in 7.5!

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