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How to contact me at work

Today, a well-meaning person attempted to contact me at three different times during the day, each via a different means, sadly to no avail. I got the messages when I got home, after work.

It's regrettable that my work contact details weren't better-known, so I'm advertising them here.

My work phone number is 3553634. If you know my work email address, you can use that too. (It's not secret, but for the sake of spam prevention, I'm not publicising it.) They are the only ways to get to me at work, short of visiting my office.

All my other email addresses deliver to my home machine, and there's no way to access that from work, assuming I've set up my firewall properly. Also, I've never found a way to successfully connect to ICQ at work. I sometimes read LiveJournal at work, but I'm too paranoid to consider logging in, so effectively I'm in ‘read-only’ mode.


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