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The long weekend

Spent the last two evenings coding up PHP stuff (in fact, I spent more than 12 consecutive hours on it last night). So now I have some gimmicks working. Geeky details will be in lj-cut below.

I should publicly thank Vicki for being online all those times when my heart is going into meltdown mode, and for having the patience to read my journal! (I mean the other one.)

I also met up with Pip at St Lukes for half an hour today (Sunday, for you pedantic freaks who think that it's Monday just because the clock is past midnight) for a short-and-sweet catchup on life. Yep, I mentioned the $100 maple syrup challenge, heh.

Ruth has been bugging everyone on her friends list for lyrics, and since I'm online as well, she decided to ask me not once, but thrice for lyrics. So I picked one of my favourite BA tracks. You see, I take what opportunity I have for mentioning my favourite artist, because I know that the mere mention of his name will drive Glenn up the wall!

Bluh, work tomorrow. (Doesn't it suck to have to catch up on work during holidays? I probably won't be taking a holiday around new year either, in line with my time-honoured ‘tradition’.)

The gimmicks site I was working on in the last two days allows me to reduce code duplication when writing simple PHP programs that follow a common structure. The idea is very simple when you read through the gimmick source files, but a brief pseudocode would be like this.

if ($gimmick->validate_input())

Most of my simple PHP programs do that—show a simple form that solicits input from the user, and processes the input if present. If you have a (GPL) project that has similar requirements and can benefit from this, feel free to use the code! (Requires PHP 4.2.0 or above, I think.)


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