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What do we want? When do we want it?

GE Free march today. The march itself was the same old same old (not unlike the two others that I've attended). But this time, the march concluded at Albert Park, where there was live entertainment (including Goldenhorse's performance of Maybe tomorrow).

Quite amusing was the episode where I was sitting under a tree, eating chips, and this kid of about 2 came up to me with hands reaching out, clearly wanting a chip. As I handed him a chip, a young woman—presumably his mother—asked him to say thanks, but he said nothing. Anyway, he tripped over one of the tree's roots, dropping the chip, so I offered him another one. And when he was done munching on it, he came back for more. :-)

Anyway, someone else (either one of the other kids, or one of the mothers—there was a huge turnout of mothers who were representing MAdGE, Mothers Against GE) was blowing bubbles, and the kid that was munching on my chips was chasing bubbles along with the other kids. Anyway, one of the bubbles somehow floated between my legs, and he tried to crawl under to get at the bubble. And I was sitting there thinking, what would his mother think of this?

I enjoyed the occasion very much, and I didn't bump into anybody I recognised. This, coupled with the story of Vicki's Berlin trip, served to remind me why I am an introvert—my happiest times are spent in my own company (or of strangers with whom I can choose to interact, or not).


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