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Yes folks, the time has come

  • I think I gained weight this year. That sucks. I'm glad to have at least four friends who kick my arse full-time about it, and I am going to make sure that their efforts are not in vain.
  • I think pissed off a couple of friends this year. (Okay, so that was an understatement in more ways than one. Whatever.) That sucks. To Glenn and Vicki, thanks for your honesty and for giving me a second chance; I hope to understand you better in the future. To Pip and Ruth, many many thanks for your emotional support during the respective incidents; I'm more grateful than I have words to express.

Now, with all the low points out of the way, I can talk about all the good things that happened. Yay!

  • This year, I'm glad to have discovered interactive fiction (Brass Lantern has a good overview of what it is, for lurkers and archives¹). It's been a source of endless fun for me.
  • This year, I'm glad to have discovered a very wonderful person called madame_muppet, who has been a source of endless sanity for me. :-)
  • This year, I'm glad to have discovered the childfree group. It's been a source of endless like-minded people. (No, not quite; more people there dislike kids than I'm comfortable with, considering that I like kids.)
  • For obvious reasons, I'm very happy for Glenn, even though I had no hand in it. May your happiness last for a very long time.
  • I got a payrise this year. In the current climate, where jobs are hard to find, this is nothing to thumb one's nose at.

Things to look forward to next year:

  • Elanor's wedding!
  • Depending on what Nick's plans are, a trip to Aussie is on the cards.
  • Maybe one or two pieces of interactive fiction. After all, it's as good an excuse for me to write as any other.
  • Various other things which I can't talk about, for fear of jinxing myself.

Finally, happy new year to all my readers! If you're out and having fun, be sure to write about it! If you're in, like me, then IM me. :-)

¹ The phrase for lurkers and archives is my way of introducing a new idea without being condescending to the (intended) reader. Basically, I'm saying that I'm not assuming that the reader does not know it, but rather that there may be other readers who may be interested to know.


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