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Yep, I'm still alive!

For a change this year, I did something really romantic for Valentine's day. Yep, I spent the whole evening in the company of a romance novel. (For all you introverts who feel timid about the idea of spending the night out on V day, this is definitely something worth trying!) And it's so very addictive! I just purchased another novel today.

(That's the charm of buying ebooks: you don't have to be embarrassed about wandering through the romance shelves—not that it actually stops me doing so, as you might notice if you watch the romance shelves at Borders frequently enough. You don't have to waste precious moments leaving the house—time you could be spending reading!—to get to a bookstore. And compared to buying books online, you don't have to wait for the books to be delivered. It's all good!)

Saturday was Glenn's birthday meetup, held at Glenn's place. And that's all I'll say about it, because I nodded off. :-)

After Glenn's thing was a birthday drinks thing at Dog's Bollix for Jackie (sp?), to which I went with Glenn and flatmates and their friends. Apparently there were two hen parties being held there, and people at our table cheered Daniel (not any Daniel known to my readers, I believe) on to entertain the ladies at one of the tables.

When Glenn and flatmates and I were readying to leave, one of the ladies from the above-mentioned table approached Glenn and asked him to kiss the bride-to-be. He declined, but I made it out to be the biggest thing to be proud of. I mean, I don't blame him for declining; his girlfriend's gone home and generally not in a position for him to ask permission from. But I hope that you, gentle reader, will concur with me that this is quite a compliment.

Sunday (today), Emily and I went to Big Gay Out. (I was going to rope in a couple of other friends, but they both bailed out. Not my friends anymore! :-P) The turnout this year left something to be desired, and could be much better if the anti-war protests weren't being held on the same day. Quite apart from that, though, I was suitably entertained and quite happy.

Emily made fun of me a heap when I admitted that I haven't been checking people out. Well…honestly, I can't remember the last time I checked someone out…it seems so out-of-character for me. But hey, next time I'm out with Emily, I'll remember to play along. :-)

Well, that was a fun weekend. Sadly, today's the last of it. And I totally regretted missing out on the lantern festival, and the anti-war protests. Oh well.


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