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Weekend update

First, there was the Placebo gig. It was very energetic: the crowd was jumping to the rhythm, piling into each other, and getting all hot and wet by the end of it. :-)

Because I'm a geek, I took the trouble to remember the track listing:

  1. Bulletproof Cupid
  2. Allergic (to thoughts of Mother Earth)
  3. Every you every me
  4. Protect me from what I want
  5. Plasticine
  6. The bitter end
  7. Sleeping with ghosts
  8. Black-eyed
  9. I'll be yours
  10. Special needs
  11. English summer rain
  12. Without you I'm nothing
  13. This picture
  14. Special K

Encore 1:

  1. Taste in men
  2. Slave to the wage
  3. Pure morning

Encore 2:

  1. Centrefolds
  2. Teenage angst
  3. Where is my mind?

I really liked the performance of Centrefolds, where the crowd was utterly silent for the long keyboard section (played by Stefan if I remembered rightly). And for Vered, the performance of Sleeping with ghosts had a fuck the government bit, complete with Brian doing the fingers. :-)

After the gig, I went to the cocktail/flatwarming party that P invited me to. I enjoyed this enormously, but I'm not posting details here. (Nor in a protected post; you'll have to IM me if you're curious. :-P)

This is how birthdays should be celebrated.

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