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i don't want to whinge (Chris's attempt at whiny drivel)

here i sit, reading a friend's life/journal
i can't help but feel a chord in my heart resonating
as if it were a plight of my twin sibling
and yet, this pain is so unnecessary
if only fate were a little kinder
but what am i complaining about
i don't want to whinge; i want to be grateful
for all the good things i've seen in life
a life i can look back on with almost no regret
the only sadness i feel is that my friend's hurt
is something i can almost heal, if only they let me
but i don't blame them, only destiny

This piece probably speaks most directly of what's in my heart. I suspect that a couple of people will immediately know the subject matter, and why I wrote this (and I hope the person concerned will not mind this).

I promised to write a journal entry about my Melbourne trip, and other more recent events in life; I wish I were immune from fatigue. So I will write further later.


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