Chris, the Young One (hedgee) wrote,
Chris, the Young One

My last post for a while

357K 1:46
“Gosh, I really hate leaving phone messages [or anything] related to it…[it's] not my forte. [It's so] unrehearsed, and it's just not my style at all, you know, INFPs like me just like to write so much better.

Anyway…I'm sort of freaking out over what to pack up for my road trip which I'm embarking on today, which is Boxing Day here, so everyone who lives around here, hope you've had a great Christmas, and for those of you who live elsewhere, well, hope you're having a good Christmas.

So…I can't wait to get out of Auckland, I've had enough of this place, haven't been able to decently get out of Auckland for a long amount of time. Some of you may have seen my itinerary in my journal. I…am hoping to meet some of you if I can, so I really look forward to that. And…if you're staying in Auckland, or just…wherever you are and we don't get to meet, I hope you have a really great New Year.

I'll be back on the 9th, so you won't hear from me until then, not even PhonePosts, 'cuz you know…outside of home, I don't think I get any…toll-saver plans like we do here that allows me to call the US for relatively cheap…so I guess this is my last post for a while.

I hope all goes well with you, and I'll come back to catching up with all your posts when I come back! Have fun—bye!”

Transcribed by: hedgee

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