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There's news, and then there's news

February is turning out to be a very positive month.

  • Just cleared my mailbox of spam. I had about 19500 email in my inbox to scan through, since I haven't really checked it since my European trip (August 2003). Very surprised that it only took me about 2 hours to do; in the end there were about 30 non-spam messages.
  • I went to this trouble because Pobox, my email provider, installed an improved spam filtering system, so that mail from disreputable sources are put into a discard mailbox that I can check whenever (and recover messages that actually turn out to be legitimate). So from now on, I can look forward to a relatively spam-free inbox. :-)
  • Dinner with some long-lost friends this weekend!
  • Bowie concert the next!
  • Two weeks after that, I start my teaching course, yay!
  • Birthdays coming up this month (in chronological order): ordinary_boy, someare, tigerpig, Fraser, and tenbaset. (And no, I still don't have a diary or any other reminder system, just pure straight memorisation. Apologies if I missed anyone.)
  • I have other good news that I can't yet publicise. ;-)
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