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Drip-feed update

  • 7 Feb: Dinner with the Usual Crowd and two special guests. Copious Italian food and speculations of pairings. Pretty orange moon.
  • 13 Feb: Touchdown in Wellington. Had fun watching police bust tunnel speeders in the wee hours, giving a whole new meaning to ‘busted-only lanes’.
  • 14 Feb: Bowie concert rocked, even if I nearly turned into an iceblock to get there. Bumped into Kate afterwards outside Midnight Espresso. :-)
  • 15 Feb: Elly's birthday thingy. The whole business card conversation was, in my opinion, the highlight of the evening.
  • 20 Feb: After Niamha's going-away drinks (at which I bumped into the long-lost Jessamy), Glenn and Kiri (sp?) and I went to a neighbour's party to pick up Kiri's friend Jeremy. Kiri had fun doing pigtails on Glenn and Jeremy, and I should post the pictures sometime. Lowlight: almost ended up in hospital.
  • 22 Feb: Shannon's birthday thingie. Coffee afterwards, followed by Long Insightful Chat that went on till 12.30 am. Stayed up in the office doing work till 6 pm. (You'd have thought I'd still be in larval stage!)
  • 25 Feb: Came out about one of my (currently two) not-so-secret LJ mini-attractions. Highly amusing conversation results.
  • 26 Feb: Last day at work.
  • 28 Feb: Sarah returns from Germany. At long last!

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