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Why Special K is the coolest person ever!

  1. Loves the company of geeks, and not afraid of being one.
  2. Has an affection for CGGs (cute geek guys). It's nice to know someone who shares such good taste!
  3. Has a charming personality which she puts to excellent use in managing the communities she runs on Blurty. In fact, that's how I met her in the first place.
  4. However much she flatters me about my looks, I still say that she looks very sexy. I don't care whether she believes me—I know it's true, so I'll say it!
  5. Has a really cool voice, at least as heard on PhonePost.
  6. Makes eye-catchingly kick-arse LJ icons.
  7. Introduced me to Dixie Chicks, to whom I went through a stage of listening all day long.
  8. A complete trouper who bore with all the bullshit emotional crises I had way back when in my train-wreck days.
  9. Really interesting to converse with online, even when drunk. :-)
  10. Probably the only younger friend whom I can respect as a peer. I'm normally quite the ageist (and who on Blurty isn't?), so this says a lot!

Did I forget something? Let me know! Oh, and by the way, it's St Patrick's Day coming up!

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