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Meme me harder, parts 1 to 2½

[Five things I like about you] The first meme is from Chelsea (with whom I had a most enjoyable lunch yesterday at Zarbo; we must do this again sometime). Last time, I talked about Special K; this time, here're five things I like about my long-lost friend, jen:

  1. She takes an interest in everyone's lives, even when hers was going through a million shades of arse. I still remember the time when she reminded me to tell The Story™, long after I forgot about it.
  2. She talks about the most interesting stuff, especially about the nature of consciousness (as agents of desire), memetic mutation as consisting of conscious desires (from the perspective of the meme's consciousness) as well as subconscious ones, theoretical concepts of Otherness (especially in the context of feminist theories, one of my favourite subjects), and other concepts that I'm still trying to get my head around.
  3. She's really patient. For example, I still haven't replied to the email in which she talked about the above, a year and a bit after the fact. I hope/believe she understands that I'm not ignoring her, just being the typical INFP that I am, and therefore taking time to really understand the concepts before commenting on them, rather than doing a rushed (and therefore bad) job of it.
  4. She writes the coolest stuff, like:
    i see love sometimes like a vampire, one of those seductive ones, you know? it's wonderfully and powerfully dangerous, and you know it's dangerous, but you also sense the immortality of it and you just have to get a little closer…and then, even as you're soothing the shock and pain of the bite, you have to write poetry for the vampire. :-P
    Who can beat that?
  5. She is actively involved in US politics. Given the state thereof recently, it's kind of, well, important, and I really admire people who actually do something about it.

Who should be next? Nominate somebody (or even yourself!) and I'll tell you what I like about them….

[Interests list] The second meme is paraphased from The Vicki:

Pick an item from my list of interests that either you know nothing about but find intriguing, or you know something about but can't fathom why yours truly would be interested in it, and demand an explanation. Verily, I shall provide.

I haven't updated my interests list in a long time, so feel free to ask about something that you think would have been there were I to update it today.

[Journal improvement] The third item, which I hesitate to call a meme, is my own creation:

If there's one thing I can change to make my journal more appealing to you, my reader, what would it be? How important is this change to you?

I'm open to constructive criticism about both content and style, if you have an opinion about them. Even a one-liner like ‘No more memes!’ would be fine.

If you're a believer, as I am, that journals are written with an audience in mind, and never really ‘written just for myself’, you may find this a useful question on which to solicit opinions.


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