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IM outtakes, part 2

Conversation with Special K:

I suppose I just need the courage to tell him to remove his head from his ass and get over himself.
Good. You can, in fact, say exactly that. :-)
Though somehow I think it might just make him irritated with me. People with their heads up their asses often don't realize it. Perhaps it's the lack of light in one's rectum.
I don't suppose you know any gentle ways of head extractions from rectums…?
I don't think there is a gentle way. You just have to wrench it out of there, then hose them down with some cold water so they wake up. (And, of course, so they don't smell quite as bad!)
No, 'cuz all that stench would just impede clear thinking if you ask me.

And meanwhile, on a different coast:

I sometimes wonder if LJ is a closet Dom. To post a comment, you have to “Submit”.

[2004-06-04] As further proof that Special K rocks harder, she just told me of typos I made in the original copy of this article. Whoops! :-)


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