Chris, the Young One (hedgee) wrote,
Chris, the Young One

FUQ: Friend group listing

[Last update: 15 Jun 2005]

In recent days I've decided to be a little more open about the way I structure my friend groups, so people have a clear idea what they get to read, and what they don't. If you're in these groups, it may give you an idea of whom you may disclose information to. (I also have a disclosure policy, describing to whom I disclose what information.)

Privacy filters

These filters are for me to decide who can read what. If you are in any of these groups, please do not discuss anything in protected posts with people outside the targeted friend groups. (These are marked in the subject line. Protected posts without markings are [R].)

  • R: Almost all mutual friends. This is the minimum required to read any of my protected posts at all; see my friends list policy.
  • F: People with whom I wish to share personal thoughts, ideas, and opinions. An entry archive is available.
  • : People with whom I wish to share relationship-related ideas. An entry archive is available.

There are other special-purpose filters, with much more restricted membership, not mentioned above. Posts targeting them are marked [+], without specifying which particular groups are being targeted. Basically, if you see such a post, please don't share its contents with anyone at all.

Reading filters

These are for me to decide which journals to read on a given day, depending on how busy I am.

  • V (now called Default View): My normal reading list. Fairly inclusive, has about 60 entries a day.
  • S: All syndication journals I've friended.
  • C: All communities I've friended.

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