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Life event meme

Filched from nightvixen. Each item in the list below corresponds to something that happened in my life that year. I'm 24, so there'll be 24 items in it.

  1. I was born via caesarian section.
  2. My sister was born when I was 16 months old.
  3. I was still not speaking when I was 2, and my mum took me to a therapist, who tried bribing me to speak with candy, in vain. Nothing could overcome my self-consciousness.
  4. Started attending kindergarten at this age, I think.
  5. Fascinated with discovering what happens to things they're thrown hard (or as hard as a four-year-old managed). Naughty naughty!
  6. Both my parents worked full time (even before I was born), and so I saw very little of them. My first recollections of the attendant loneliness was around this age.
  7. Started learning to play the piano.
  8. I don't remember.
  9. The family moved to Auckland in November 1988.
  10. I became one of the top spellers in class.
  11. Started going to intermediate school, where I met Nicky, who (much later on) became my first crush.
  12. I first played with a PC at age 11.
  13. At the Form 2 school social, I was getting really worried about having no partner when Nicky saved the day, becoming the first person to have touched my emotional space. This was a major turning point in my life.
  14. My favourite subject at high school was music. At Form 3 I took singing lessons, and at Form 4 I studied for school cert music, where I picked up much of my music theory.
  15. Harassment at school came to a head, and I started planning suicide.
  16. My name changed to Chris. This was the start of a great raft of life changes that allowed me to deal with life completely differently.
  17. Began the Great Amnesia, where I decided to forget as much of my old life as I could. Consequently, I remember very little of my childhood and school life.
  18. Spent summer solstice with Heather, watching Titanic and walking along Mission Bay until sundown. Heather was my third crush, and this event was another major turning point.
  19. Became aware of the concept of bisexuality, and having found a resonance to it, came out to close friends and family, and publicly a year later.
  20. After extensive contemplation, decided never to have any children. (I did not learn the term childfree until a couple of years later, however.)
  21. At my first ‘real’ job I learnt about personality types, and discovered that I'm INFP.
  22. Met Vicki through Glenn, my fifth crush. The event behind True love was a major turning point in my life.
  23. Vicki became my best friend. This happened during a very negative period in my life, so I visualise this event as a phoenix rising from ashes.
  24. Left the IT world to become a teacher.

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