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Survey thingy

Filched from tenbaset and theroadtoelle:

  1. If you had to have plastic surgery, what would you have done? How invasive can this get? I'd like to shrink my frame a bit. And shape a decent waist while I'm at it.
  2. What non-physical attribute(s) do you seek out in a friend? Trust, respect, and love. Going both ways, of course.
  3. What non-physical attribute(s) do you seek out in a lover? A 90%+ match score on OkCupid. :-P No, really, compatibility aside, chemistry is quite important too.
  4. What is your area of expertise? I'm an expert in sticking my foot in my mouth. Though if you tell them you're doing it on purpose, they give you the Tui ad treatment. (‘Yeah right’, for lurkers and archives who don't live in New Zealand.)
  5. What do you wish you were better at? Connecting with my students.
  6. What is your ideal age? 24. Oh wait, I'm 24 right now. Wonder if my answer changes to 25 in a year's time?
  7. What makes you feel relaxed? A long chat with Vicki. (In a previous revision of this post, I had a facetious answer in here too, designed to wind Vicki up, but thought better of it, because non-Vicki types are likely to miss the joke and read more into it than they should.)
  8. What makes you feel anxious? Saying something that Vicki strongly disapproves of, and knowing that she'll hear it. :-)
  9. How well do you get along with your family? I get along with my mum very well on most days. I can converse with my dad but I stay out of the heavy topics.
  10. Do you like photographs of yourself? There's a certain type of look I go for. On days when I achieve that look, then I'd love pictures of me; I am a narcissist after all.
  11. No holds barred, what is your pie-in-the-sky dream job? Cupid/match-maker. ;-)
  12. Do you enjoy being alone? When am I ever alone? Argh, get those voices out of my head! :-P
  13. Do you enjoy being in a large crowd? Only one that I don't have to interact with.
  14. What animal scares you? I don't know. I suppose I can get used to any animal that I find myself working with.
  15. Do you dream in colours? Yes, especially ones where I visit Vicki and go to an art shop together.
  16. Do you prefer to date older, younger, or same age? My answer used to be older and same-age. These days I'm happy to say that I don't really give a toss. If you're a mature thinker, your physical age doesn't worry me.
  17. What social group were you in back in high school? I was a loner at high school.
  18. Do you feel like you are smart? Now what does that mean? In my view, smart is a content-free word.
  19. Do you like your house? I suppose it's not a bad place. My room is quite cozy. :-)
  20. Where is your favourite spot on earth? On Earth? That's impossible to answer. How about, what is my favourite place in New Zealand at the moment? I still like Christchurch a lot. (Not the central area that's turned into Asian-tourist-town, though.) I really want to move there once I finish my course. Whether that'll happen remains to be seen.

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