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Reviving Auckland LiveJournal Meetup

Next meetup is at 8 pm, Tue 28 Sep, at downtown Starbucks. See:

I'd love to see you there, so feel free to comment here (or at the above site) whether you can come, whom you'd like to bring, &c.

In the past, few people wanted to commit themselves to turning up to a LiveJournal Meetup, because they only wanted to turn up if enough others will also be. This meant that few (if any) confirmed their attendance, and so the meetup gets cancelled.

As of this month, the Meetup system became a lot more flexible, with no set minimum number of confirmations. All that's required for a meetup to happen is for the organiser to arrange it. This is, of course, a bonus, because people who want to conditionally attend can tell the organiser so.

With this new system, I believe that having successful meetups is easier than before. And that's why I stepped up to become the organiser for Auckland LiveJournal Meetup.

With this in mind, I'd like to make a serious go at making LiveJournal Meetups in Auckland a happening thing again. So, if you know other Aucklanders, feel free to send them here as well (any LJ user can comment on this post without being screened), and I hope it'll work this time! :-)


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