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Long time no update

At the moment, I'm very busily trying to polish off my first batch of assignments before diving into the second batch. (And yes, I apologise for not having as much of a chance to catch up with my friends list as I wish.) But once the second batch is done, I have something completely different to look forward to, something I'd like to plan for while it's still on my mind.

Yep, that's right, October LJ meetup. If you live in Auckland and like to meet up with other Aucklanders who are keen on this sort of thing, feel free to check out the Auckland LJ Meetup site and sign up! The more the merrier. :-)

I'm trying to decide on when the Meetup should be. Normally, it's the fourth Tuesday of the month, but for this month, that would be the day immediately following Labour Day, and I'm not sure if people are keen on meeting on their first day back. So if you're thinking about coming, I'd love to hear from you on this matter.

And while you're at it, feel free to suggest a place as well. I'd rather it not be Starbucks this time…I'm thinking either Mexican Cafe or Open Late Cafe, but feel free to suggest something.

Let me know what you think! :-)


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