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Now for a real post

Wow, I just discovered that my last public non-Meetup post was back in August. Has it really been this long?

Well then. August would have been the time of my third and last practicum. I did not talk about it at all in my study journal, and neither will I talk about it here. I leave you to come to your own conclusions.

What else? After making it to graduation last Wednesday, and bumping into a whole heap of students who didn't, I am quite very glad to have finished my diploma. I know, I got C- for a couple of papers, but I also got A+, A, and A-. (The last one was disappointing to me, actually; I was expecting an A.) So overall, I was quite happy with my study results. Not that grades actually mean anything.

The other big thing of note is that one of my best friends has left Auckland. This would have been infinitely sad for me were it not for my ceaseless denial of it. So there, she's still around! :-P

This year, study has made me a hermit, but I intend to break that somewhat. If you want to catch up or something, do get in touch! (Or, of course, you could come to the Meetup and let me keep my role as an organiser. :-P)

What else…I've made a whole new bunch of online friends, who live at a certain other journaling site, a site for which I may be doing some substantial (but voluntary) coding work. So I don't really read LJ that much anymore. You probably know that anyway, and/or don't give a shit. So meh. :-P

dsavage, if you are reading this (not that I expect so, but you never know), I will be writing your reply straight away. I am getting forgetful in my old age. (I am serious—teachers' college seemed to have aged me a great deal.)


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