Chris, the Young One (hedgee) wrote,
Chris, the Young One

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a plea to like-minded selves

words are to the self-esteem, as storms are to trees
the sapling is forced to fight the wind, perpetually
but the mature tree stands strong, impervious
with the littlest of effort, having tempered its foundations
my friend, you have stood strong most of the time
but look down, for there are many unanswered questions
from the past, your very own roots and foundations
don't let the strongest blow cause you to topple

Whenever I ponder to myself, I feel two ‘selves’—one my present, real self (the ‘outer’); the other my ideal, true self (the ‘inner’). They often converse with each other.

In the poem, my friend could refer to one of my real-life friends, or it could refer to my outer self.

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