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Torn (+ meme)

The LJ perm account sale is coming up in a day or so. I can only afford to buy one; for whom shall I get it? Have your say!

Poll #507351 For whom should I get a permanent account?


Reason (optional but helps!)

(This isn't a democracy. The better the reason, the more likely I'd take the vote seriously. :-))

Also, another cool meme from Special K! (Who else?)

  1. What does your LJ nickname mean? It's named after my domain name; see the full story for more details.
  2. Elaborate on your icon photo? All the icons for this journal are scanned off various pictures of mine for various occasions. For my other journals, I tend to use OpenBSD blowfish mascots, especially Sushi Fugu. :-)
  3. Did you lie about your age anywhere on the net? Hell yes. Do you really think I've been 24.18 years old for all that time?
  4. How many LJ friends do you have? My visible friends list has 90 users on it so far, but that's because I collect a ton of people on it. My real friends list (the so-called ‘F’ group) has 18 people on it at present.
  5. What is your current status? Alive? I guess I'm more or less happy that I've sustained that for 24.18 years, or however long I've really lived.
  6. What are you wearing right now? T-shirt and jeans, because that's what Real Geeks wear. :-P
  7. What is life to you? Life is about accomplishing as many achievements of value that you can, in the time that you have. Specifically in my case, my main aim is to understand myself really well, and maybe do the same for my Best Friend.[1]
  8. What is love to you? Love is a four-lettered word. Just kidding! To me, love is about providing the support for a loved one to achieve their dreams and aspirations. Sometimes, too, it takes tough love to get there; I have some friends who would absolutely not hesitate to kick my arse, if they believed that I'd be a better person for it.[2]
  9. What kind of people do you hate most? Hate is such a strong sentiment, that I fear to use it lightly. I really fear to be hated, so I don't think I could bring myself to hate anybody. I might feel very uncomfortable around somebody, and I might hold judgement against them, but I don't wish ill of anybody.
  10. What type of people do you like most? I like people who can be honest and upfront. I don't expect anyone to be a saint, but I think if people can name their weaknesses openly, they're well on their way towards becoming better people.[2]
  11. What makes you happy? I'm happy when I feel understood, either by myself or by people I care about. Many people who have been close friends will tell you that I'm a really difficult person to get along with (once I treat someone as a close friend), but I think a lot of that difficulty comes from not understanding what my needs are.
  12. Are you musically-inclined? I mainly play the piano, but I'm mostly a music theory geek. I can, on occasion, play guitar, violin, and maybe half a woodwind instrument. I'd like to learn drums one day, and singing.
  13. What would you do if you woke up one morning and found out that the person you love most didn't exist, or was killed? I'd try to live on in the way they'd have liked me to, back when they were still around. I'd also completely flip out, but that's just because I'm such an intense person.
  14. If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would you do? I'd have joined Mensa much sooner than I did; I knew of the organisation when I was 8, and yet I only joined when I was 24. All of the loneliness I felt could have gone away so much sooner…. I do admit, the sum of my life experiences, including loneliness, makes me who I am now, but sometimes I wonder, is it the only way?
  15. If you must be an animal for one day, what will you be? I'd be a dolphin. NF type geeks probably know exactly why that is. :-)
  16. Ever had a near death experience? Road accidents and me go together like horse and carriage. (I am generally more mellow when I have passengers, but when I drive alone, watch out!)
  17. Name one obvious personality quality you have? I'm very good at being serious when the situation calls for it. (Corollary: I'm a bit lousy at relaxing and having a sense of humour.)
  18. What's the name of the song that's stuck in your head right now? The Legend of Puffy Hood
  19. Are you happy today? I think so; I had a nice dream this morning that I hope to get Vicki to dissect sometime.
  20. Who will cut and paste this next? Normally I'd say Special K, since she's such a meme junkie, but seeing as I got this one from her, I guess it'll have to be someone else….

[2005-06-07] Oops, forgot to put in footnotes. Here they are:

  1. By Best Friend, in capitals, I mean one of those once-in-a-lifetime type of people with whom you can feel comfortable sharing everything. I'm not sure there's one of those for everyone, but it's a wish I'll hold for myself always.
  2. By better person, I mean someone who becomes more congruent with the values they hold for themself; think of it as someone who becomes better at walking the talk. I'm a very values-oriented person, and I think each person should decide on their own set thereof and stick to it. As long as a friend articulates to me what they consider important, I'll do my best to help them live their values.

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