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Current votes so far

We currently have nominations for (in chronological order):

  • Kari, because her 21st birthday is coming up!
  • Chris (I presume some other account of mine, since hedgee is already a perm), because perms are expensive!
  • Daniel, because he posts practically every day, and he deserves to have more LJ pics!
  • Zeb, because she's a lovely Aucklander whom [the poster] thinks I need to get to know, and that I will love her!
  • Vicki, because she's very stressed about exams!
  • Jen, because I love her and she loves an Aussie, and she can't afford to buy her own!
  • Elanor, because she's got another mouth to feed soon, and she deserves it!

So there we have it. I kinda rephrased things a bit, for fear that they would identify who the posters are. I'm sure you'll all figure out who's who anyway. :-)

So I still can't decide. If I could afford three, I'd get one for each of Charlie's Angels. ;-) (I'm not referring to the characters from the TV series or the films…I'm talking about three very dear online friends of mine.)


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